Attaque 77


If you where dead
you wouldn´t be missed
sometimes you wish
you did never exist Shot in the ghetto
how lonley can you get
where is his soul?
I don't even know
in any project or ghetto who knows?
no boundaries between hate & love
Kings of the streets
all over town
nobody´s hero
poverty's sacred son
create just to hang on
Dark was the color
deep under his skin
nobody knows what
is like to be him
That was the problem
he never cared at all
still in the night
we hear his gun
always at war
fighting the law
I thought it was a deal in the dark
So you got busted
we know that's a fact
Is in the papers
Tv's and mags
It was a payback
for gansta just like that
back in the hood
the people would say
he died fighting
police all the way
Late in the night
the secret could be kept.