TV Caliente a.k.a. Virna Lisi

So well, so now, you're here next to me
I want you so much
That it seems strange to me
So strange that it seems wrong to me
Seeing as how, seeing as how
You're only on the TV
Ageless beauty with a sense of duty
On a film, on the TV right now
Within sight, but out of reach
Oh I wonder, oh I wonder, oh I wonder how?
How to make you, how to make you,
How to make you see me too
Slow and easy with Virna Lisi, in a bed
made for two
Walk the streets we're both so happy,
Because the whole thing is so new.
You're Virna Lisi, slow and easy
In a lifetime made for two
You've got blonde hair and blue and blue eyes
We're a strange pair under stranger skies
Be fair, be fair. Don't be surprised
We're a strange pair under stranger skies
The image fickers, is something wrong?
This aint nothing, it's only a song
So don't you worry, don't you hurry, just you turry
With me, 'cos I'm so lone
And you... in a dress, in a dressing gown
going up or going down
With a smile up here and one down there
Let me hold your hand, kiss your neck,
Get loss in your hair
I'm lost in your hair, babe
Virna Lisi !!!!
Lisi !!!
Virna Lisi, oh!!!
You've got blonde hair ...
The sky is falling, the sky is falling
Somebody catch it please
Slow and easy with Virna Lisi in a bed
Made for two
I aint got time to catch the sky
I aint got time for her and you