Ojos de terciopelo

She came on the southern wind
She came like a morning snow
She did something to my brain
I don't just know quite why
She came like a winter wind
She came like a summer storm
She came and did something to my head
And now I'm gone
She loves me like a child
She loves me like a man
She loves me through ten whole years
And I know she held my hands
I showed her where to go
She showed me what to do
I'd do the same for me right now
That I'd do for you
Love like a lady
Love me like a baby
Love me like a pearl
In the heart of a seaman's girl
Love like a beauty
Love me like a whore
Tell me I'm a genius
Tell me I'm a bore
Come in - go down
Do it - don't do it
Think it - Don't think it
Live it - don't live it