Percussion baby

Percussion baby
Walking down the street
Preattiest lady that you'll ever meet
Percussion baby
On the cover of a magazine
The loveliest lady that you've ever seen
But don't say maybe
'cos I'm not a little boy
Percussion baby
Don't treat me like a toy
'cos everyday is Sunday
When you're so full of joy
Percussion baby, I'm not your little boy
Percussion baby
I don't want to see you fade away
Leaving right now here
Is the best way
Percussion baby
Hear you walk away
I hear the tip,tap,tapping
Of your high heels're going away
Never on a Sunday
When I feel you're no more here
Percussion baby
I'm so full of fear
You never said maybe
But I'm not your little toy
Oooh, percussion baby
I'm not your little boy