Cállate Mark

Well, hello Mark
Well, it's dark, so dark
In your cell, right now
Well hello Mark
You have cold, so cold
In your heart right now
But in your brain
There's a neon light
Hot, white
It's burning the hell
Out of you boy
It's making you see the light
It will dive you insane, Mark
It will do in your brain, Mark
It will take you to drain, Mark
Well, it's dark, dark, dark
Well hello Mark
You're thinking of trees
And in a walkway
Of the birds and the bees
And I could pit you
Hate you
Or spit in your eyes
I can think the same things
Tell the same lies
So, shut up Mark
Shut up
Well, well, well
I've found out
That hero means nothing to me
I've found out
That hero is unlike me