Los Pericos

Harlem shuffle

You move it to the left
and you go for yourself.
You move it to the right
if it takes all night.
Now take it kinda slow
with a whole lotta soul.
Don't move it too fast.
Just make it last.

You scratch just like a monkey.
Yeah ya do real cool.
You slide it to the limbo.
How low can you go?

Now come on, baby,
don't fall down on me now.

Just move it right here
to the Harlem Shuffle.
Do the Harlem Shuffle.

Hitch, hichhike, baby, across the floor.
I can't stand it no more.
Now come on baby
and follow me now.
Just ride, ride, ride, lil' pony ride.

Do the Harlem Shuffle...

Do the Monkey Shine.
Shake a tail feather, baby