Kevin Johansen

New York Without You

It’s hard to tell you this, because I didn’t get
To say goodbye
Something about you that
Made me laugh inside
Don’t ask me why

But New York without you
Just isn’t New York

Walking up Bleecker Street
I’d see that 313 and 315
You’d just opened the Gallery,
Said it would be good for me
And you were right

But New York without you...

When I crossed the Bowery
I’d see the Chrysler beam
Past Union Square
If you could make it there, they say,
You could make it anywhere
If life was fair

But New York...

And when the tides were low
You’d be there for me
And when the going got tough,
You’d get tough on me
If I was silent you’d have a word with me or two
You’d say “go on, don’t mind,
All the world will see”...

New York without you just isn’t New York...

Something about you that no one figured out
Maybe that’s why
New York without…