Lash Out


Is it all in that pretty little head of yours.
What goes on it that place in the dark.
Well, I used to know girl I wold sworn,
that her name was Veronica.
Well she use little carefree mind of her own,
and delicate look in her eyes.
These days I'm afraid she's not even sure,
if her name is Veronica.
Do you suppose that waiting hand on eyes,
Veronica has gone hide.
All the time she laught at those,
who shout her name and steal her clothes.
Veronica. Veronica.
Did the days drag by?
Did the favorous wane?
Did the room down the town all the time.
Will you wake from your dream with a wolf at the door
reaching out of Veronica.
Well it was sixty five years ago
when the world was the street where she lives.
And a young man a sailed on the ship in the sea,
with a picture of Veronica.
And the empresy of India.
And as she closed her eyes upon the world
and picked upon the bones of last week news.
She spoke his name out land again.
Veronica sits in her favorite chair
and she sits very quiet and still.
And they call her name that they never got right
and they nobody else will.
But she used little carefree mind of her own,
with deviliet looking her eyes,
saying "you can call me", "anything you like",
"but my name is Veronica".