Find Someone

I used to start by lettin' it out
And even when you’re still walking around
I respected the time and trusted in love again
But I knew I couldn't get rid of it that way

I understood that feelings can’t be changed
They live on me and can’t be replaced
I will drive my way, gonna heal my scars
Cause I'm tired of saying goodbye again

Just keep the place where our souls can remain

When you find someone
And it feels gonna be alright
And the crash of hearts
Will never be apart

Gonna save in my mind
Every touch and every smile
Let me start by trying to keep those things alive

I'm tired of feelin’ you and runnin’ away
'cause you gave me something I can't replace
Maybe it’s time to hear it and hold this heat again
And I need you baby to find the way to stay

Please keep your eyes looking straight through mine


I never felt this strength before
I love the way you calm these feelings on me
Feelings all around

This light and fire can’t be denied
I hope our souls embrace at last