Give me love

I know I should be strong baby
don't worry if there are times I’m out of myself
have many reasons to feel strange baby
you can lean on me anyway

I told you I need to have more time
so baby please turn off the light
just wanna feel the love inside baby
help me to drop this weight

Give me love baby
I need to feel you and rest a while
give me love baby
I wanna embrace the warmth again
give me love baby
I’m tired of dealing with me
give me love baby ohh...

You know this thing makes me lose my mind
baby I’m sorry im doing my best
maybe I’m selfish but I love you girl
want you to know how much I care


oh please can you rely on me
help me find the way to see
everything is changing and taking form in what is meant to be
this weight can’t take it on my own
it feels like I’m just letting go