Tirman Kid

Strangers from the past

And i was waiting there for you
Just to be there one more time
I Wanted just to know u
I only wanted to feel alright

My time is getting closer
and i have nowhere else to hide
So take me where youre going.
And everything will be alright.

Came back from the dark
He had a hollowed heart
Tried to run away but he just had to feel the pain
Made it on his own
He used to walk the road
Fall right out of place but it just had to feel the same

And ive been waiting here for you
Just around an old friend´s house
What should i care if i told u?
I got no intentions to hide
Could it be that i just cant wait?
Oh i have been falling through
Does it mean that i will forget?
What we have been pulling through.

Falling of the stairs
Sometimes is just hard to go your way
And i have never thought
That somethings will be so hard to talk
Make it go away follow me and i wont be aware.
Strangers of the past take me to a place that i cant recall