Charly García

Happy and real

Sometimes you feel
happy and real
Sometimes you're sad
feel the disease
but if you laugh sometimes
just like everybody say goodbye.
You came along
you came to me
look at the sand
look at the sea
but don't look into mmy eyes
cause I say hello
don't say goodbye.
This is the real connection
this is the last reflection
This is the way I feel
this is the love I dream tonight
for you.
When the time is right 9and you know it too)
what matters if they say
you play the fool.
Sometimes you look
all the world through
sometimes you have
he sky in you
you look so pretty now!
you're my princess
you're my love in time
sometimes you feel like me
sometimes you just kiss me
and I feel free (thank you, baby!).
I feel happy
and I feel blue at the same time
and you too.