Luca Prodan

Reggae blues

You know y love you
Even through you are a little girl
you know I really, really, really love you
even through you’re just a little girl

I know you couldn't love me from my money
Aint’ got in the world
You couldn't love me from my money

Ain’t got none in the world

Cause I’ve been skipping on the piping round
This so down town long
I’ve been moving, grooving,
singing this kind of song
I’ve been skipping and flipping
in the time, in the crime,
In the line, in the fright in all this town too long

The say I just do nothing
but I'm just moving along
they think I'm doing nothing
but I know I’m moving along

so come on baby
you’re more that a puddle to me
I said come on, come on,
Come on, come on baby
You’re more than just a puddle to me

I don't need nobody else
don't need no one to set me free
i don't need no body else
need no-one to set me free