Luca Prodan

La pequeña muerte

Well the need that you feel. on a reel to reel.
It's a laugh. It's a cry. for some the reason why.
But is the tape rolling?
Is the company controlling?
When solo in your room you really cry.

So, let's get down to brass tacks.
You're never safe from sneak attacks
On your intelligence, vanity and soul.
Cause when some fucker in a mood
Hears the songs writes something rude
You find a spade and dig yourself a hole.

Or a hole in your arm,
Lots of pleasure, lots more harm.
Plus: ego, madness, sadness, lots of love.

Well the things that you see, exposed on your L.P.
For you are the same on either side (A&B)

But some cunt's interpretation
Can destroy your reputation
Leave you alone, with nowhere to hide.

So I am just like me
Lonely, sad and free
To choose my little deaths from day to day
And I often think of you
And I hope you'll make it too
But the smallest death of all is on its way