Luca Prodan

Running away

Running away from Scotland
In first year of the seventies
Fed up with orders and luke warm teams

Run away from Italy back in seventy-three
Fed up with coppers and the holy sea

Died in England in seventy-eight
Fed up with rain and the luke warm hate
Resurrected in Argentina in eighty·one
Killed all the parrots and stole the sun

I drifted to Nebibia in nineteen eighty-four
Kept three faithful wives and a gun by the door
Had a son by the second and a girl by the first.

Three got killed by south africans and two die of thirst
I found a girl i could love in the north of Kashmere.

She left me an old book and a big gleaming tear
Bought a gun in Japan and a boat in Dayang
Sailed the south china seas, split my head with a bang

I met a guy I could hate on the north side of' heaven
He said he had eight but I new he had seven

Where's the first train baby I need a fast plane

Give me my running shoes.